These puzzles are first seen in a Zag-Zaw catalogue of the early 1920's where they are advertised as "Tuck's Latest Picture Puzzles / Six Beautiful Reproductions / in Colour of Historical Scenes / TROOPING THE COLOUR / Size 13 1/4 ins. x 8 1/4 ins., about 140 pieces.   Price 5/- each.

Also seen on page 31 of the 1930 catalogue.

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Rita Rijkers sent me information on the #2 puzzle she has: "The king leaving (leading?) the horse guards parade at the head of the guards". It's in a box as shown below and is cut with many elegant figure pieces.

From the collections of Rita Rijkers and Keith Lambeth I got pictures of their boxes and puzzles.

upper right: The King and the Royal Princes leaving Buckingham Palace (series nr. 4), 140 p. 123/4" x 8" x 1/8" plywood. Normal cutting style. collection Keith Lambeth.

lower right: The King leaving te Horse Guards Parade at the Head of the Guards. (series nr. 3), 140 p. 131/4" x 81/2" x 1/8" plywood. Normal cutting style. collection Rita Rijkers.


Two puzzles from eBay show: the lower picture  # 3: The King and the Royal Princes arriving at the Horse Guard Parade is certainly different from the 1930 catalogue. It measures 9 3/4" x 15" and is cut in the crazy cut style, about 250 pieces, no figures.

The upper picture measures 7 3/4" x 12" and has about 150 pieces, including about 20 figures like dog, cat, horse, axe, so cutting style is with 'earlets and figures' of the 1930's. The picture has the 'pallet and easel' in the bottom left corner, but is not in the 1930 catalogue.

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