So far I know of only one advertising puzzle made by Tuck. It is probably made 1925 and 1936 or around 1920 (referring to 'The King and Queen') for Grand Hotel Co. Ltd. Harrogate (telephone 1017). This was a luxurious Hotel (London standards) and since the box lid mentions 'With Compliments from the Grand Hotel Co. Ltd., Harrogate ' I assume that the puzzle was left in the hotel room when guests arrived.  (Keith Lambeth's collection)

The  6 5/8" x 9 5/8" puzzle was cut in the regular Zag-Zaw style with in the upper right corner a banner reading "GRAND HOTEL". For time saving reasons (costs) the puzzle was cut in two parts that were cut into pieces together. Thus pieces are interchangeable making the puzzle more a challenge. Larger picture with mixed pieces. It's the earliest puzzle I know of, cut this way.

The Grand Hotel was opened on the 22nd May 1903 and ceased to be a hotel some time around the 1960's. The Building is now offices and known as Windsor House. The hotel once formed a splendid backdrop to Valley Gardens, and a fanciful addition to Harrogate's skyline. The copper domes, which are now a pleasant weathered green, were originally covered in gold leaf so that they sparkled and shone like some oriental palace. Internally, the Grand was luxurious, with stained glass and tapestries depicting scenes of old Harrogate. The Palm Court had a resident group of musicians. in the 1920's (taken from the Ward Lock Red Guide) took 10/6 for a single room; double from 18/6; 4 shillings for breakfast, 5 for lunch and 8/6 for diner, or 25 shillings for full board. Data supplied by Ros Watson, Cuator of Human History, Royal Pump Room Museum, Harrogate)