Leaflet of about 1910 - 1912

This leaflet (two sides) could be dated about 1910 because of the 'upwards of 70' sets of Picture Puzzle Postcards available, which slightly more than the 60 sets in the 1909 list. Since the Charles Dickens' Coaching Pictures are mentioned in this leaflet it could also be 1912.   

For the reverse see at the postcards page.

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The texts in small letters top right and left are interesting since the mention contemporary news papers with information on the (American) puzzle craze:

"The puzzling amusement of fitting together tiny sections in one completed beautiful picture is steadily growing into favour. The fashion came here from America. 'In passing through Pullman cars on a journey one is likely to find half the travellers working at the puzzles, and at meal-times there are notices 'Please do not touch' on partly completed Puzzles all through the trains. Similar notices are found in the Saloons of the Atlantic Liners." - Daily Mail.

"Amongst Messrs. Raphael Tuck &  Sons' more ingenious devices must be included their Puzzle Postcards - something which is sure to fascinate". - The Standard

"Picture Puzzle Postcards should not be forgotten, for they form an interesting competition in which any number of players can take part, the object being to put the puzzles together in the shortest possible time." - The Queen.

"As Tuck's Picture Puzzle Postcards can be interchanged among friends they ought to prove one of the year's favourite novelties." - The Globe.

In this catalogue prices for the puzzles are similar to 1916.

pieces 50 75 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 500 750 1.000 1.250 2.000
Price 1/6 2/6 3/6 5/- 6/6 8/- 10/6 12/6 15/- 17/6 25/- 31/6 2:2:0 4:4:0