1919 catalogue

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This catalogue can be dated because it advertises the 16th year of publication of 'Father Tuck's Annual', which did start in 1903.

On page 2 the usual introduction to Zag-Zaw puzzles is given:

Zag-Zaw Puzzles are a delightful recreation at all times-everywhere. They  are primarily intended for grown-up people, being, especially in the lager sizes, too difficult for young children. 

They consist of cleverly dissected pieces, and the object is to fit these pieces together to form charming pictures, which are detailed and illustrated in the following list.

They provide the fascination which is felt when you see something grow, for they enable you, so to speak, to grow pictures before your very eyes.

As it is imperative, in order to retain the charm of the original picture, that the pieces should be cut to fit closely together, a special point of this has been made in the manufacture of "Zag-Zaw" Puzzles, which are cut with saws of such infinite fineness, that the picture when put together scarcely seems to consist of separate pieces or to be divided in any way.

INSIST, therefore, on the genuine "Zag-Zaw" Puzzles, and do not be satisfied with any others. You can always recognise them by the Royal Red Boxes with the registered "Zag-Zaw" design on the cover, fastened with real wax seals bearing our Trade Mark, the Easel and Palette, the Hall Mark of Excellence.

Owing to want of space, it is impossible in the Booklet to show more than miniature reproductions of the actual Puzzles. The greater, however, the number of pieces, the greater, naturally, the size of the Puzzles; for instance: -

"Zag-Zaw" Puzzles de Luxe (page 4) and the 750 and 1.000 piece Puzzles (pages 27-30), the illustrations of which are only very small in appearance, are in reality more than 20 by 30 inches in size. Each illustration, however, bears below in the actual dimensions of the Puzzle it represents.

"Zag-Zaw" Puzzles are made as follows: -

pieces 35 50 75 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 500 750 1.000 1.250 1.500 2.000
Price 1/- 1/6 2/6 3/6 5/- 6/6 8/- 10/6 12/6 15/- 17/6 25/- 31/6 2 2s 3 3s 4 4s

Apart from the 150 piece - and 400 piece Dickens Coaching Puzzles, the Booklet has no special puzzle series. Other Tuck products advertised in this Booklet are: "The 'Mewsical' Family" and "Dumpty Cats" on page 31, "Father Tuck's Annual" (Christmas book) on page 32 and all kind of cards on page 33.

A complete list of puzzles will be added to this page.