Though it's rather difficult to date this catalogue precisely, it's the clothing of the lady, the prices of the puzzles and the many new puzzle brands that suggests this catalogue to be of the late 1920's or early 1930's

catalog_1930.JPG (147524 bytes)

In this catalogue we see the following new puzzle brands:


Bonzo, by Geoge Study (220 pieces at 9/-)

Trooping the colour (150 pieces at 5/-)

Tuck's Popular Picture Puzzles (ranges from 40 pieces 1/- to 295 pieces 7/6)

Tuck' Jazz Picture Puzzles (ranges from 50 pieces 1/6 to 1500 pieces 45/-)

"The Military Review" Zag-Zaw Puzzles (six subjects, 150 pieces, 5/-each)

Puzzles depicting an Opera scene are new (2.000 pieces at 90/-): Tannhauer, Lohengrin

On page 37 are two puzzles shown from Alice in Wonderland:

The second page of this catalogue has, as usual in most of Tuck's catalogues, a nice way of telling how special and valuable the Zag-Zaw puzzles are. In other words, to what special group of people you belong when you buy Zag-Zaw puzzles:

.....Eric had bought me a TUCK ZAG-ZAW PUZZLE. I had always wondered how people could sit down, oblivious of everything else and concentrate their minds on putting silly little pieces of wood together. It had always struck me as being such a waste of time,  so absolutely childish.

For Eric's sake, however, I thought I had better at least make a pretence of showing some interest in his gift and so I emptied all pieces out on the table and started to fit them together.

My dear, I have changed all my ideas about Puzzles! From the very moment I found two pieces fit, I forgot the world and everything else in it except that Puzzle. You can't imagine the thrill. I felt like some great artist seeing his picture grow in front of his eyes.

The fact that a saw had cut the subject into hundreds of intricate little pieces, didn't seem to affect the appearance one bit, so closely did the pieces fit together.

The picture itself was fascinating to a degree; it was a lovely Seascape.

Eric came in from his Masonic Dinner at half past eleven and found me busy putting the finishing touches to the Ship.

"Why, I never thought of finding you up at  this hour, darling,"  he said. "It's that ZAG ZAW PUZZLE of yours, Eric. I  do love it so." knew you would," he said. "It's all the difference when  you have a finely cut Puzzle to put together, with a ripping picture. How people can waste their time on some of those cheaper Puzzles which don't fit and show all the markings of the saw, beats me altogether. I suppose they think that because they can buy a lot of sawn-up pieces of wood for their money, they are getting value. I bet they change their minds when they have spent their time with a poor result at the end of it. Now you know, darling, why I insisted on bringing you home a 'TUCK'S ZAG ZAW PUZZLE'"...... 


Prices for the Zag-Zaw Puzzles in this catalogue:

pieces 55 80 110 165 220 270 320 370 420 520 650 800 1050 1300 1550 2000
price 2/3 3/6 4/6 6/9 9/- 11/3 13/6 15/9 18/- 22/6 27/- 33/9 45/- 57/6 67/6 90/-

  As you can see, the amount of pieces per puzzle is quite different from the earlier catalogues, so here is a clue for dating your puzzle.