This page will (at one time) give an overview of the catalogues I have seen (mostly in Xerox). Much work needs to be done on dating catalogues, comparing images and prices etc. The page will be updated regularly, especially when you keep sending me (Xeroxes of) catalogues I have not seen so far. For details see the respective pages.

So far I found two German catalogues, one dated 1912/13 and one obviously  slightly later, so probably 1913/14. Tuck had a German Branch before WW I. The Germans took it during the war and that could be the reason that the German Co. Wohlgemuth und Lissner are known from selling Father Tuck's puzzles with their imprint.

A catalogue of the 1916 season with five well dressed people puzzling. The catalogue boldly states: Tuck's "Zag-Zaw" Picture Puzzles are obtainable in upwards of 700 different subjects, all finely cut by the most skilled craftsmen into ingenious and distinctive shapes. When completed each puzzle reveals a most Artistic Picture in colour. The catalogue refers to the war only in a cartoon (The Shell Mascot) a soldier that at home is "Fighting His Battle over again" (tells his story) a few subject in their "Multiple Zag-Zaws" and in the War-Map Zag-Zaw Puzzles.

The Harods'catalogues make clear, Tuck's puzzles were aimed at an upper class consumer. Mainly meant as pastimes and hardly a challenge. So far I found two catalogues, both probably dating from the 1920's