Coronation Souvenir

These puzzles could have been produced for the coronation of George VI (May 6th 1937) or for Elizabeth II (June 2nd 1953). Without any further clues I stick to the first.

George V died in 1936 and could have been succeeded by Edward VII who did withdrew. This was a difficult period for companies making coronation souvenirs. Many had been prepared for Edward VII. The one sure thing was that the King would be crowned  on the coronation stone to ensure he was King of England and Scotland. Hence the subject matter: "The Coronation Stone, brought by Edward I from Scone (Scotland) to Westminster Abbey from the original painting by John H.F.Bacon. Courtesy of Keith Lambeth.

Over 100 pieces, crazy cut style, size 8 5/8"x 7"x 1/8", thin plywood, finely cut (collection Keith Lambeth) Definitively 1937, because of both puzzles with a Princess mentioned below. 

- Her Royal Highness the Princess Margaret Rose of York, from the original painting by Elizabeth  Brock

- Her Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth of York, from an  original painting by Philip de László

In  Anne Williams' collection is a cardboard puzzle, commemorating the 1953 crowning of Queen Elizabeth II. The puzzle is 10" x 16.5", with 252 pieces