Raphael Tuck & Sons

Raphael Tuck & Sons are widely known for their splendid color prints, such as post cards, paper dolls, children's books, etc. This is highly collected material, especially the color litho material from c. 1890 - 1920. Their Zag-Zaw puzzles are well appreciated by collectors but not studied in detail, so far. 

I have collected jigsaw puzzles and studied their history since 1985, resulting in many exhibitions, some publications and a book. These activities have led to a mass of poorly structured information obtained from many different sources. The effort to bring order to this chaos and the many questions of fellow collectors have led me to this project: A Description of Puzzle Production by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Since most of the information compiled here is second hand, I welcome all corrections and additional information, which in due course I will publish on this internet site. My natural language is Dutch, I therefore have the added problem of writing a history in English, a foreign language to me, I therefore ask your indulgence for the inevitable mistakes and usage of the English language and aspects of English Heritage that I am not aware of. In this and any other errors of fact please correct me, or if you wish to provoke discussion on any matters arising from this project.

February 18th 2006, Geert Bekkering: geert@puzzlehistory.info