From 1932 on Tuck produced a special series of 4 LABRADOR Zag-Zaw Picture Puzzles, sales of which benefited the International Grenfell Association. The puzzle pictures pertained to the medical mission established by Sir Wilfred Grenfell in Labrador; the pieces shaped like seals, whales, bears, dogs, pine trees, kayaks, paddles, gannets, and even penguins also highlighted the polar theme. (We know penguins to live on the southern hemisphere GB) 

The sturdy card box are not orange as most Zag-Zaw’s of the time are, but white, blue, maroon, or bright red. Handsome silver lettering and an arctic scene decorates the lid. On the box label is printed: Tuck’s LABRADOR Zag-Zaw Picture Puzzle. (Containing about 200 interlocking pieces of the Polar Regions), to help build up Sir Wilfred Grenfell’s hospital work in Labrador. Sold for the benefit of the International Grenfell Association. A specially manufactured by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd.


The subjects are:

1.      “Sir Wilfred on Board ‘Strathcona’.” by B.Gribble

2.       “Down North on the Labrador.” By B.Gribble

3.      “Hospital Ship ‘Strathcona’ in Winter Quarters.” by B.Gribble

4.      “St. Anthony – Headquarters of the Grenfell Labrador Medical Mission.”, by R.J.Rugger

The puzzles were sold at the Grenfell shops in major cities at $3,- (which was quite expensive).

These puzzles are relatively rare and collectors paid in 2005 anywhere from $150 to $250.


Pictures: courtesy of Anne D. Williams, this section based on her article in  GPC Quartery, vol. 6, number 1, march 2005

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