The above page is from a 1930 catalogue

Box from Anne Williams' collection.

The 15"x 9 3/4" puzzle has c. 220 p.  in crazy-cut style.

Since the name of the series is different, the subject "Soldiers of the King" and the amount of pieces (220) are different from the page of 1930 catalogue, the puzzle could be of a later date.

At the back side of a Harrods catalogue of  the mid 1930's  six puzzles and the above box are advertised: TUCK'S Military Picture Puzzles / interlocking / "Soldiers of the King" / The full series comprises the following six different subjects:- /

No. 1 Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace

No. 2 Te Coldstream Guards taking over the Colour at Wellington Barracks

No. 3 The Band of the Welsh Guards

No. 4 Parading the Relief Sentries at Whitehall

No. 5 The Band of the Life Guards in State Dress

No. 6 A Sovereign's Escort of the Life Guards.

Size of Picture 15 ins. by 9 3/4 ins. About 220 pieces. / Price 5/- each. 


No. 1: Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Notice the 'Made in England' imprint. Puzzle 93/4" x 15" x 5/32"    264 pieces, birch plywood in crazy cut.

Collection Keith Lambeth

At the long box side, all six titles in the series are given.