The Nation's series

From Rita Rijkers' collection. Must be 1915-1936 because of the imprint "King and Queen". 

The box lid reeds: The Nation's series / Incomparably the best / Tuck's ZAG-ZAW (registered) The Royal / Picture / Puzzle / A most fascinating recreation / Used by royalty / society & the great public / The original / British made.

The short side of the box lid reeds: The contents of this box forming the complete puzzle is guaranteed by the publishers The seal is unbroken at the time of purchase.

The other short side reeds: Produced in the United Kingdom.

The long side of the box lid reeds on one side: New ZAG-ZAW-puzzle, and the other long side reeds: Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. London

The botom of the box reeds: Raphael Tuck & Sons / ZAG-ZAW / The royal picture play puzzle / (the trade mark) / Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. Publisers to their Majesties the King & Queen