I know these puzzles from two children’s puzzles in my possession. ‘The Dancing Lesson’ with 40 pieces showing two dressed dancing cats by C. Avis Wain, cut in the style of the Zag-Zaw puzzles with wavy lines. ‘The Goose Girl’ with 60 pieces by Mabel Lucie Attwell (a Tuck print) is strip cut with wavy lines. Both plywood puzzles are in flat red boxes. And have their brand names printed in gold on the box lid, their titles also are on a label on the side of the box lid. According to their former owner, they are bought in about 1931. The Tuck advertisement inside the lid mentions “By appointment in three reigns”, which was the common "phrase" in the 1910-1915 period, but probably was in use up to 1936.  

A catalogue of about 1930 is the first to mention Tuck's Popular Picture Puzzles as an 'Additional Series of Puzzles', along with the Tuck's Jazz Picture Puzzles.

Each puzzle is supplied in a beautiful box, on the lid of which is a replica in full colours of the actual picture used for the puzzle. This gives valuable assistance for piecing together.

These puzzles are made  in three-ply wood, and have an extensive range of pictures, comprising  special designs for children, and a large variety of attractive designs for adults.

Made in eight sizes:

pieces  40 60 70 90 125 165 225 295
price 1/- 1/6 2/- 2/6 3/6 4/6 6/- 7/6

 So actually, these are the first Tuck puzzles with a guiding picture (full scale) at the box lid.

"The Dancing Lesson", by C.Avis Wain, is an 'eternal favorite' in Tuck catalogs. This box is 22x18x2 cm, the puzzle is 16x14 cm. Cut into about 40 pieces with an undulating cut, strip cut. Collection Geert Bekkering

Another 'Tuck eternal favorite' "The Goose Girl" by Mabel Lucy Attwell. The box is 26x18x3 cm, the puzzle is 18x14 cm and has about 60 pieces, cut in the same style as the other Popular Puzzle. Collection Geert Bekkering