Information collected from:


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Im thankful for all the help I got from these people, sometimes giving me copies of catalogues they themselves had from other people.

Harry Bekkering my son, not a computer expert, but much more used to programs I didn't know of when I started this quest.

Bob Bergeron (with ZagZaw as his email name) for the correcting and editing of my texts and helping my with an almost complete list of Dickens' coaching puzzles

John Hyde for lending me his 1935 cazy-cut catalogue, and helping with more data.

Keith Lambeth for sending a copy of a 1920 Harrod's catalog and many high quality pictures of his puzzles. But most of all I'm thankful for the lively discussions we had by email, that did augment my insight in the English society of the past.

Marie Scofield for helping dating a catalogue with aviation puzzles

Tom Tylor for making copies of many catalogues in the possession of the Benevolent Confraternity of Dissectologists

Anne Williams it's impossible to tell what I should have done without her