So far only known from two copies in my collection. I date them pre WW I. Because of the picture on the box (the puzzling family), the cutting style with undulating lines in strip cut, the backing of the plywood with (luxury) tropical woods and the chromo litho pictures. Confirmation with data from a catalogue or the mentioning of a reigning monarch on a box, would be most welcome.

The box reeds: Tuck's Tippe-Toppe Picture Puzzle for Big Folks and Little Folks - A Fascinating Pastime for Every Home. The extra label reeds: containing about 55 pieces. The box is 19x13x3 cm and ha a side label with the name of the puzzle: 'Study of a Head'

The puzzle is 19x16 cm in three-ply wood with a mahogany backing The cutting style is strip cut with undulating lines